Off The Wall Pickleball

was created during a rain delay at the US Open Tournament in Naples, Florida.

As spectators, we cheer for our loved ones through wins and defeats. We listen to their shot-by-shot recap of each point. We provide encouragement and nourishment... bananas, power bars, and water until their next match. Unless there is time to check out a match being played by friends or competitors, we rarely roam from the area where they are playing or waiting for the next match. We generally stay together by the courts except for a......

Since rain during April in Naples is somewhat rare, it seemingly comes out of nowhere. 

Everyone heads for cover! Not that long ago, you were lucky if there were large enough tents to accommodate all the players and spectators in one area. Fortunately, at the US Open there were huge vendor tents to accommodate both players and spectators alike. Usually, one can find everything from paddles, to shoes, to energy drinks.

But, how many unique, one-of-a kind Pickleball items are available for those looking for a memento, thank-you or upcoming birthday gift? Browsing and shopping is an exciting part of the experience of travelling to tournaments for many spectators and players. You can get an emotional lift with a bit of fun in a gloomy rainy situation. 

Once the sun came out and everyone returned to the courts, the "Aha moment" when Off The Wall Pickleball was born happened. We have brought together artisans, crafters and chocolatiers from California to Florida, from Canada to Scotland, all to create hand-crafted unique Pickleball gifts.

Off The Wall Pickleball has items for the Pickleball enthusiast not available anywhere else. We made special molds for soaps and candy, used different techniques with unique materials always using fine craftsmanship as the DRIVING FORCE behind our designs and products.

Just like mastering a third shot drop, it took time and patience, but we achieved our goals.


Unique gifts for the Pickleball enthusiast!